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ReadyNAS 420 Series (model number RN422 / RN424)

ReadyNAS 420 Series (model number RN422 / RN424)
CPU Intel Atom C3338 Dual Core Processor
RAM 2048 MB hard soldered, can not be upgraded
Flash ROM unknown
Other automatic X-RAID2 mode. Can be switched to Flex-RAID from GUI.
NIC Two 1 GbE LAN ports
USB 2 USB 3.0 ports
internal HDD
  • RN422: 2 hot-swap S/ATA bays
  • RN424: 4 hot-swap bays
  • both: hidden M.2 slot (working but not supported by the GUI, shows up as Disk in bay 2, turns disk in bay 2 unmanageable)
Drive Capacity supports drives up to 10TB in capacity. Larger drives yet to be tested.
  • RN422: one 92mm fan
  • RN424: one 120mm fan
Console port Mini USB port on the back behind a sticker (Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge)
Product launch January 2017

Review with photos of disassembled RN424 unit: Netgear ReadyNAS 424 Review

Instructions to enter the Boot Menu.

Tech Mode credentials:

  • user: "root"
  • password: "infr8ntdebug"

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