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ReadyNAS Duo (v1 - model number RND2xxx-100)

ReadyNAS Duo (v1 - model number RND2xxx-100)
CPU Infrant IT3107 Storage Processor
RAM Unigen UG032D6686LM-GJF DDR400 256 MB SODIMM, can be upgraded without voiding warranty however support will not help if incompatible memory causes data corruption
Flash ROM 64 MB of Hynix flash memory
Other automatic properitary X-RAID mode. Can be switched to normal LVM at a complete "factory" reset.
NIC Vitesse VSC8201 Single Port 10/100/1000BASE-T PHY
USB Via VT6212 4 Port USB 2.0 Host Controller
internal HDD 2 hot-swap S/ATA bays
Drive Capacity supports drives up to 2TB in capacity. Larger drives are not supported.
Fan 1 90mm fan
Console port 3.3v TTL port on the back behind a sticker
Product launch January 2008

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